Sonoline B Fetal Doppler: How does it work?

The Sonoline B Fetal Doppler is a handheld pocket ultrasonic device that is simple and easy to use. A fetal doppler allows health care professionals and mothers to listen to the sound of the heartbeat and the fetal hiccups and know the fetal heart rate. It is suitable for use at home, clinic or at hospital for pregnant women to self-check for normal heart rate of their unborn baby. The Sonoline B fetal doppler is a high performance device that comes already fitted with a FHR LCD digital display. This display also comes with three basic display modes, these display are averaged FHR display mode, a manual mode and a real-time FHR display mode. These allow whoever is going to use the fetal doppler to view a fetal heart rate at intervals of an 8 heart beat period.

Sonoline B Fetal Doppler

This doppler has plenty of credentials to its name and it not only gives the user comfort and a peace of mind, it gives very accurate results. This fetal doppler is however suitable for use only after about 12 weeks of pregnancy. It has a built in speaker but it is also integrated with a headphone socket and a water resistant 3 MHz probe which ensures that the fetal heartbeat is heard as clearly as possible. One of the best things about the Sonoline B fetal Doppler is the built in LCD displays the frequency signal when the probe falls away from the SONOLINE as well as the probe's frequency data that disappears to remind the user to reconnect the probe if and when necessary. The 3MHz Sonoline B fetal doppler provides a more sensitive and accurate that is customized to make baby monitoring a much easier process and experience for the customer. The doppler also comes with a volume control panel as well as an output panel for a recording cable to a CD or a computer so that you can share the joy with friends and family or as a reminder of a once lovely pregnancy. Another advantage of recording this sound to a CD is that most young babies will respond positively to white noise and the recorded sound can be a very useful tool for calming down and soothing a fussy child.

sonoline b fetal doppler

There is also option of the 2MHz probe which is designed to accommodate late term and obese pregnancy occurrences as it was designed to operate at a depth of larger depths but works best at a depth of 10 cm. when It comes to pick up the fetal heart rate at an earlier pregnancy date of between 8 to 10 weeks, the 3MHz probe that is more sensitive than the 2 MHz probe is more suitable. It has a slim power saving and interchangeable probe. One of the best things about the Sonoline B fetal Doppler is that it meets the requirements of a routine examination by an obstetrician, a pregnant woman or a mid-wife.

the sonoline b fetal doppler

The Sonoline B fetal doppler is however one of the more expensive fetal dopplers for home use that are in the market. It however justifies its expense because of its quality that is very professional. Something worth noting about fetal dopplers is that they do date some time to detect the fetal heartbeat even if they are being used by a professional and to the untrained ear; it is very possible to mistake the mother's heartbeat for the baby's. it is therefore important to note that a baby's heartbeat is much faster than that of an adult and ranges somewhere between 120 to 160 beats per minute (BPM). It is commonly likened to the sound that is made by a galloping horse. To give you some extra level or re-assurance that the sound you pick up is baby's and not the mother's, the results are normally displayed on the inbuilt LCD screen. Because of its price, as expected, the sound clarity is much better that other dopplers that are in the market.

This doppler comes in a variety of colors namely orange, pink, green and blue. The probes also come in a wide range of 2MHz, 3 MHz or 8MHz which you can choose from as well as two tubes of doppler gel and a user manual.

In the early stages of pregnancy, when using the fetal doppler, it should be placed close to where the pubic bone is located. You should apply some jelly about the size of a pinky rounded portion on the stomach. You should take you time when looking for the baby's heartbeat as it is sometimes difficult to detect so you should keep trying for several minutes on some occasions. The device should be used down to the pubic area up to where the bikini line is and around the belly area. It is advised that if you have ever had a C-section, you should place the sonoline B fetal doppler onto the area where the C-section incision is located.

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